So intrinsically the truth reflects in the few words beaming above, that it almost feels to be having a cosmic connection with the tech mega universe. The double-edged sword of COVID-19 has snapped many veins of professional relationships, yet it has strengthened and enriched a lot too!

The consistent turmoil of economic and financial instabilities since COVID has challenged millions of companies and affected the architectural patterns of various industries. Undeniably such unprecedented fluctuations cost peoples’ jobs, working environments, and a brands’ sustainability. However, casting through an optimistic lens, you can also witness the notable unity amongst working professionals that has broken the shackles of mundane reality.

Speaking of such professional community strength, enlighten yourself with this moving data, which talks about 75% of employees being proud of their company to have them retained and taken care of during the global pandemic crisis. Such examples of community strength are indeed what we continue to need even as of this hour you are reading this column.

Let’s get into the realm of understanding the purpose of igniting hope in working environments and amongst your colleagues and define in actuals when you claim them to be your extended family.

A High Five for the Fabulous Five!

From an insightful understanding of how to create a company’s objective, there are five distinct threads to a perfectly knitted brand fabric. Finances, customer, employee, ecosystem, and global. These five categories, together give birth to a company’s purpose.

Out of these five reasons, the most important and decisive factor is the employee. Only if you have a dedicated and united clan of working professionals, rest assured your company will sustain any shipwrecking storm.

But as all empires never got built in a day; likewise tutoring or mentoring your employees about your company’s purpose is a step-by-step process and would not guarantee immediate results. Your employees’ gratifying payback will be visible to your eyes much later, especially in times of crisis. Only then you can reward yourself for being successful at making your employees aspire to the same dream you are chasing every single day!

A close statistical study on how millennials feel about relating themselves to their company’s existential reason, it was found that 87% of them showed heavily inclined interest in learning and absorbing their workplace’s vision, mission, and integral goals.

But to inject the idea in your employees’ minds of expecting them to relate to the company’s goals and instilling a sense of aspiration, the foremost action lies on you to identify at which stage your workplace belongs.

Here’s to Knowing, What you need to know!

As leaders of a digital-proof era, you should know which category of being woke about your company, does your workplace belong. Based on a triangle-shaped model, finding the purpose of your company can be categorized into three types.

Category 1: The Virgins

Who does not know or hasn’t even started discovering the purpose statement

What you should be doing –

If you can relate to this category, the foremost step, to begin with, is studying your organization and its progress over the years. Encapsulating what you, your employees, and largely your customers have been trying to chase is very necessary for this process. Speak about your newly discovered purpose statement to your employees and notice how well they are adapting or abiding by it.

Category 2: The Rationals

Who has discovered the purpose statement and has not acted upon them

What you should be doing –

Now is the time to act! Once you know the real purpose of your business and how effectively you can bridge that emotion with your employees and customers, nothing’s stopping you. Stay aware of your competitors too in this process since you are very nascent on building your brand image with maximum potency.

Category 3: The Omniscents

Who has discovered the purpose of their business and do symbolic actions to enrich the same

What you should be doing –

Firstly, kudos! Sticking to your humbleness, try carving out more possibilities that can potentially help your purpose to enrich and open various vistas. Remember, the bigger the brand gets, the more reliance on the company is not just meant for your customers or clients, but most importantly for your employees too. Their core strength and astute belief in the company’s purpose will take you very far.

Not Enough!

It does not end here; igniting hope amongst your employees and setting a soothing picture of the workplace is a continuous process. It has to be periodically supervised and re-kindled. In times of crisis, no matter how worse the world gets outside, if your employees trust and believe in your company’s goals, they will ensure to stick together and overcome the stormy nights of terror.

Therefore – Identify. Act. Succeed.

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